Hello, my name is Adam. I’m experienced IT Infrastructure manager, I have more than 15 years different experience in IT world. I was working with very strong Service Desk team, after that many years as an IT administrator and engineer and the last 6 years I’m an IT infrastructure manager of one quite big parcel company.

I decide to share a little bit my knowledge and experience with you. I know that IT world, internet and other different technology solutions not very easy to perceive for non IT geek. So, on this site you could find some reviews and recommendations about web hosting providers. I’m trying review only noticeable merchants which wouldn’t close or disappear after a few weeks or months with your web site and wouldn’t make you waste.

And once more maybe the main thing that I’m doing my professional blog a little bit funny and more attractive for you. Everyone who will make an annual subscription of any web hosting provider from my referrals will get prize surprise. Prize not always the same, I’m trying to change it time by time, but every time it’s worth your attention and you could reconcile useful and funny with obligation or duty to have your web or web hosting provider.

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